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The Legend of Caemeris Series

Is a five-book epic fantasy about the mystery of the prism of Caemeris, a power unknown to the Clayborn of Arglethium but lusted for by the gods of dark and light.

The series influences range from the greats such as Tolkien and Herbert to philosophers such as Aristotle to Sartre, the science of light and quantum mechanics. It brings fantasy world building together with the sci-fi elements of understanding the mysteries of the universe around us.  

Its poetical in its language reminiscent of the romance of the great quest stories, while asking the deeper meaning of existence through the hearts and minds of its characters.

The Legend of Caemeris with its pantheon of creatures, gods, and the transformation of the clayborn, is rich in its exploration of the imagination and the universe brought to life. Even dark matter has a persona and consciousness.  


Books in the Series

Discover the Worlds, Creatures & Beings in the Legend of Caemeris

The Legend of Caemeris begins on the World of Arglethium, a world with rich and diverse lands, born at the height of the wars of creation. The scars of its creation hidden deep within its ancient layers, and waiting to be unleashed are the progenitors of its making. Learn more about the worlds and inhabitants  of the Legend of Caemeris.

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