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Ascendant's Tear

Epic Fantasy Fiction Novel Ascendant's Tear is the first book in the Epic Fantasy Series The Legend Of Caemeris Series. Set in the World of Arglethium, Ascendant's Tear weaves Mythological Themes with Mystery. Ascendant's Tear is available in Paperback & Kindle Ebook.

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Ascendant’s Tear

Legend of Caemeris Series

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Corrupted diarch of Caemeris, Baachelaus, with his gaoler Voloc, breach the world of Arglethium. They are pursued by Assumpta, co-ruler of Caemeris, who has been doomed to an eternal quest to set Baachelaus free.

A prism forged in the last days of Caemeris from the tears of Assumpta is hidden on Arglethium by the custodian Norbu. Lusting to seize control of the power within the prism, Voloc possesses the despot Ranik and sets the Kingdoms of the Middling lands to war to seek out the sacred tears.

Assumpta calls the ancestors of the first tribes of Arglethium, Ange Tsaed desert dweller, Gildas Gol exiled warrior, Kado heir to the Drax Empire and Sa-Tuc assassin, to fulfi l a covenant made in the beginning days with Norbu to protect the prism.

Suspicious of the gods, but with no choice as their world spirals toward annihilation, Ange, Gildas, Sa-Tuc and Kado are drawn into the mysteries of the prism, and an ancient war raging since the dawn of the first stars.


As the paths of these adventurers lead to the sacred grove, primal forces of nature swirl around them. Readers who like their books brimming with symbolism and fantastic creatures will find a panoply here!


 -  Joanna Poncavage

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