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Voloc's Reign

Legend of Caemeris Series

Ange is left to guard the prism bestowed to her by Ascendant as the Custodians are trapped by the realm of light remade by Norbu.


Meanwhile Voloc not thwarted by the battle with Norbu and the Orynth reforms and soon unleashes its thirst for destruction across Arglethium and continues the hunt for the prism.

Ange, Gildas, Sa , Bensah, Kado and Nekoda decide to seek refuge in the lands of Gildas’ people, the Graan, on the thin hope that the graanar will not kill them and the eternal daylight will shield them from Voloc.

Their journey brings them in danger of capture from the Matavians and then there is the treacherous reaches of the Icelands to overcome.

In the midst of their flight from Voloc’s reign of terror, Ange comes to the realisation that her fate lies in caging Voloc not just to be a Keeper of the prism.

At risk of being devoured by Voloc’s shadows, Ange peers into the mind of Voloc and sees a way which may just save Arglethium from annihilation. It also brings her closer to the intertwining destinies of Voloc and the Custodians.

The mysteries of Caemeris continue to unravel in book 2 Voloc’s Reign in the Legend of Caemeris series.

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