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Glossary of Characters

This Glossary of Characters belongs to the Legend of Caermeris series of charcters.

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Ange Tsaed

Born in the village of Kensai, in the land of the Mighty Choasa River. She is the youngest daughter of Noai and Elanai and sister to Tessi. Shunned by her village for her shortened and twisted form, her ancestors are descended from the first tribes of Arglethium. It is her bloodline which makes her sought after by the Custodian Ascendant and Voloc when Arglethium is breached.

Gildas Gol of the Graan

Former warlord and chieftain of the Graan Clans of the Northern Icelands. Gildas reputation as an iron-fisted conqueror, was known across all the middling lands of Arglethium. The youngest Graanar to take the elder chieftain sceptre of the Ice Mother, Gildas abused his gift of strength by ruling with brutality and warmongering.

Kado Kodrax

Heir to the Drax Magisterium and son of Emperor Ko Paidrax. Born into an ancient line of rulers of the lands of Drax. The Draxus believe they were blessed by the breath of the dragon, in the cycles before the elder scrolls recorded time. Kado is not favoured with military prowess or ambition but besieged with addictions and derided by even the lowest subjects of his kingdom and an embarrassment to his father.

Sa-Tuc: Assassin to Emperor Ko

Unworldly in her stealth and precision, Sa-Tuc is the lethal assassin of Emperor Ko Paidrax. Born in the slums of Hosiaan Province, she becomes a valuable teacher and protector to Ange. Who Sa-Tuc is, and the secret of her strength are revealed long with the mystery of the lost prism of Caemeris.

Lord Tias Ranik

Suzerain of the Lands of Matavia. A tyrant by any description with appetites for the perverse and sadistic. He is shrewd enough to maintain his political favour with the wealthy nobles and keep the Matavian people in subjugation. Voloc’s reach is far and wide inside the degenerate heart and mind of the Matavian ruler.

Queen Giandra Ranik

Queen of Matavia. Descendant of the oldest of Matavian families and followers of the Andiaan Flame. She rules with equal force and sadism as Ranik. She seeks all forms of power and feeds on the young to sustain her strength. The arrival of Voloc and the destruction which follows, re-ignites her ambition to become a sorceress of even greater potency.

Queen Nene Des Vries

Ruler of Aeserea. Nene is descended from a long line of compassionate monarchs of Aeserea and Irasia. Nene venerates the forests of her lands and defends her territory against their mortal enemies Matavians and Unstaadt with the ferocity of the Lionness deity. The Aesereans along with the Drax lands hold knowledge and learning in high esteem. They are the chroniclers of history while the Drax are the timekeepers. Drawn into the quest of the prism as her lands are besieged, Nene becomes an unexpected ally to Ange, Gildas and Kado.

Minor Characters

Bensah El Bunani: Trader and family friend of Ange and Tessi

Tessi Tsaed: Sister to Ange

Nekoda: Wild dog / hyena cross breed, companion to Bensah and Ange

Angette (Mordraag) Tsaed-Ranik: Daughter of Tessi Tsaed

Noab (Tias) Tsaed-Ranik: Son of Tessi Tsaed

Captain Piotr Faad: Knight Captain of the Matavian Garrison

Prince Draved Des Vries: Brother of Queen Nene

Prince Dronagh Des Vries: Brother of Queen Nene

Lord Cotus Medret: First Knight and Commander of Aeserean Forces

Lord Jonas Warick: First Knight of the Aeserean Cavalry

Lord Kyle Yonan: First Knight of the Aeserean Cavalry

Jarrod Gol: Elder Chieftain of the Graan, brother to Gildas

Caelwyn Gol: Elder Clan Wife of the Graan, wife of Jarrod

Tyl of Timmo: Clansman of Timmo Clan

Axl of Timmo Clansman of Timmo Clan



The Custodians

Forged in the Second Age of Light or Custodial Age. Six brethren, demiurges or forgers. They bring colour and form along with time, awareness, memory, desire, birth and death to light. Their realm was invaded by an unknown usurper disrupting the continuance of their making and the power gifted to them by Caemeris.

  • Baachelaus (Descendant): Diarch of Caemeris, spirit of the clayborn, essence of desire and yearning, awareness, birth to death, despair and fulfilment.

  • Assumpta (Ascendant): Diarch of Caemeris, spirit of the clay born, binder of light and memory, sorrow and joy, hope, desire and knowledge.

  • Norbu: Elder of Creation, Keeper of Tarentess, rock, clay and time.

  • Lido: Water / Binder of colour and form

  • Seraf: Fire / Augmenter of light

  • Aerean: Wind / Quickening of light



The Custodians

Ancient beings birthed before the custodial age of light, immortal. They are bound by an unknown progenitor and forces. Their duty is to watch and wait.

  • The Guardians, Aracnine: eight in number, jailers of Baachelaus

  • The Orynth: YU, EY, PO, XI, AX, VA. Brethren to Norbu, Eagle in form on Arglethium

  • Uchala: Sentinel, Spider in form on Arglethium

  • Vipax: Sentinel, Serpent in form on Arglethium




Born of Oblyquixiton, conscious within the void, portender of ancient laws formed before the First Age of light. Voloc searches for light to destroy it and bring limitation. Its darkness affirms the light and makes all the light reveals shine brighter. Nothing thwarts Voloc, it invades all that exists including the clay born of Arglethium.

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