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The World of Arglethium

What is the

World of Arglethium?

Legend of Caemeris Series

The Legend of Caemeris characters, gods, and magic occupies the world of Arglethium, conceptually somewhere between Middle Earth of Lord of the Rings, Tamriel of the Elder Scrolls, and Frank Herbert’s Dune saga. Ancient gods grapple for power over Arglethiums diverse and varied inhabitants, wielding magic by both mortals and immortals, fueled for the dark drive of more and more power over their lessers.


Discover ancient buried secrets and plans buried from eons of time’s passage. Fight alongside mortals as they endeavour to stop the complete annihilation of their world. And unravel the secrets of Caemeris’s prism filled with knowledge so great and powerful, it will define a new age.


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