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Clare L Rolfe Writing Themes

How does Author Clare L Rolfe Create Her Novels?

Clare L Rolfe is a fan herself of some of the greatest writers on fiction, philosophy, the natural world and science. Clare has enjoyed and studied Tolkien, Herbert, Dr Who, Asimov, Huxley, De Beauvoir, Weil, Camus, Dostoyevski, to name a few. Fictional worlds and abstract realities abound within these writers with major themes on will, perception, gender, destiny, control, and existentialism.


Her unique perspective as an Australian author provides rich insight into overwhelming power, tyranny, ancient and rich cultures, unforgiving ecological biomes, and including a diverse range of wondrous flora & fauna.


These powerful and unique perspectives are distilled into rich characters with compelling motives, believable ancient cultures, adventure filled with wonderment, and satisfying story arcs.

The Stranger book by Camus
The Stranger book by Huxley

The Legend of Caemeris Series

Inspired by many great authors and the love of the rich fantasy genre, The Legend of Caemeris series brings a depth and breadth of fantastical characters and events that culminate into a rewarding story of the ages. The fantasy epic tale set in the World of Arglethium, finds an ancient war amongst the gods spilling into the lives of the clay born inhabitants where they must save their world from complete and utter annihilation.


Check out the book series for more information.


Ascendant's Tear

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Voloc's Reign

Voloc Reign LOC.jpg
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