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Voloc's Reign


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What is Voloc's Reign?

Legend of Caemeris Series

Following on from Ascendant’s Tear is Voloc’s Reign, where their quest for Caemeris’ Prism further eludes his grasp as mortals rally in defiance of shadow gods. Humans dedicated to the protection of the prism must travel across Arglethium or risk fates worse than death.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


The world of Arglethium remains in the grip of the breach by the Custodians and Voloc.

Voloc continues to unleash its thirst for destruction across Arglethium as it continues to obtain control of the prism.

Ange, Gildas, Kado and Sa decide to seek refuge in the lands of Gildas’ people, the Graan, on the thin hope that the eternal daylight of the Icelands will shield them from Voloc.

There is the constant danger of capture from the Matavians and then there is the treacherous reaches of the northern wastes to overcome.

At risk of being devoured by Voloc’s shadows, Ange peers into the mind of Voloc. What does Ange see inside the ancient force that is Voloc, the destroyer?

The mysteries of Caemeris continues in book 2 Voloc’s Reign in the Legend of Caemeris series.


Read the full blurb for Voloc’s Reign here.

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