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World Earth Day

Earth and Us

Dedicated to William Shakespeare Venus and Adonis

Who are we each of us?

We are born of you and yet

you are not in need of us.

But our love will not let

go as it insistently


with manipulative hands

inflicting kind and unkind

strokes repainting your face

Our brutal lust is not

satisfied unless pieces

of you lie dying

only then are we stilled

Will we cry with rivers of heartache

like Venus’ tears for the

dead Adonis?

Leaving a wound so profound

the scars weeping histories,

geological ages

Our murder of beauty

the hunter’s game laid out for


ruined sinew tethering

our necks, forcing our change

Or will we simply just

disappear myths

legends, romantics

fossils of gods, nostalgic poems

of unrequited love

Clare L Rolfe © 2016

photo CL Rolfe Kakadu lily

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