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I am an Albatross

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a classic poem with its own sense of the epic like that of the Albatross. The death of the mighty bird at the hands of the mariner after providing good wind and leading the ship out of danger, results in a doom descending upon the mariner, crew and ship and a perception of misfortune. The power of this classic poem altered urban superstition of the albatross as an omen of good luck to one of a burden / guilt, accountability (an albatross around your neck).

My poem below was written a few years ago and was my first attempt at a picture poem. Inspired by the Albatross and a blog about this magnificent numen of the ocean and air during my daily scrolling. Not all scrolling is bad and reminded me of my fascination with the bird.

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