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In between the shadows

Penumbra - partially obstructed light, shadow cast or the edge of an eclipse, an indeterminate area surrounding the known or defined

Penumbra (Twilight)

I was in one of those forests where the sun has no access, but where, at night, the stars invade. This place had been permitted existence only because the inquisition of the State had overlooked it. Forsaken easements marked me with their contempt. The obsession to punish was taken from me. Here and there, the memory of strength caressed, the fugitive peasant of the grass. I ruled myself without doctrine, in serene vehemence. I was the equal of things whose secret was kept beneath the span of a wing. For most, the essential is never born, and its possessors cannot exchange it without harm to themselves. None consents to lose what was conquered at the height of their pain! Otherwise, it would be youth and grace, spring and delta would be equally pure. I was in one of those forests where the sun has no access but where, at night, the stars invade for relentless warring.

Rene Char Fury and Mystery (1948)

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