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Songs of Caemeris gods - Aerean custodian of wind and turmoil

Songs of Caemeris and the Metaphysics of Orange –

Spectral coordinates – it is seen when light passes at a

Wavelength 590–620 nm and Frequency 505–480 THz

Photosynthesis pigments called carotenes used for converting energy for plants to grow ie colours of orange, carrots, persimmon, pumpkin ect ect

And is what makes autumn leaves their colour

Mythology symbol for amusement, ritual madness, happiness, gluttony

Religious and political symbolism in Hinduism, Buddhism and Christian based political parties, feudal houses of europe , egyptians associate gold with afterlife and today orange is colour of mourning

It is the colour to signify awareness, visibility of danger ie safety clothing

Its opposite is blue.

Aerean is custodian of wind and turmoil in the Legend of Caemeris – a zephyr playing among leaves to the solar flares which interface with deep space.

Aerean called the Orynth on a Persimmon dawn

Aerean’s wail ruptured the tombs of deadspace,

drawn by the snarling echoes of Mordraag.

Ancient worm you stare with red eyes full of death.

Rings of flame, bellow with tortured zephyrs,

of the dying stars breached scorned.

Shall I call Lido’s juice to quell your tongues?

Or raze the roots of Norbu’s mountains,

and spear them into your gorge?

I will bring the bloodening of Belmaris

and fling it far out into your empty vaults.

Follow me fiend who belches with Seraf’s breath.

Come close. Let me devour your echoes of pain

pulling them into the clay, deep among the Caemexa.

Aerean calls the Orynth of her skies

to a place where feather shall be stripped to bone.

Lift your wings brethren

so Aerean can sing her vortex of songs,

Forcing shadow and light into turmoil

Plucking out the baleful eyes of Mordraag

crushing them beneath the wings of the Orynth’s might.

Higher Higher into the quickening quiet we fly.

Gouging the belly of Belmaris fire

Drenched in the blood of Mordraag’s hide

Aerean with her Orynth summon the dawn of persimmon light.”

Clare L Rolfe © 2020

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