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LOC3 - Descendant's Throne

Baachelaus had watched the eons pass in the company of darkness. A whisper floated just beyond the reach of the god's sight, the voice familiar but the name of the caller was lost, forgotten. The longing of the call to go to it, pierced the gaping chasm where starlight once dwelt, gouged out by the iron bonds of the gaoler. Baachelaus clenched its long talons into a fist of rage "Who are you?" it screamed back to the whisper. Echoes of the Descendant rippled through time and memory searching for what came before this existence. “Who am I?” asked Baachelaus. The void answered as it always did with its eternal silence.

The god sat chained to its throne waiting for the voice to call once more. A light flickered for one moment. Its power pulsed across the vastness, touching Baachelaus. The chains of the gaoler went taught, wrenching the god towards it.

The Legend of Caemeris continues in book three Descendant's Throne - As time runs out to save Arglethium from Voloc, Ange pursues Ascendant, while, Gildas, Sa and Kado are faced with their own choices as their destinies are laid bare, transformed by the power of the prism wrought by the custodians.

The next book in the Legend of Caemeris - Descendant's Throne is available on-line at these retailers, (paperback and e-book)

Or contact me for a copy !

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