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Gods of Fantasy: songs

Green in the colour series

Norbu and Seraf feature in Legend of Caemeris series as custodians of fire and earth

There is a long rivalry between the two brethren as Seraf pays homage to Belmaris the Sun and has forgotten the first star Caemeris.

The photo shows the regeneration already of the bush after the recent fires.

Songs of Caemeris

Norbu: Brethren you rest on the edge of trees

Seraf: You sing to this mountain deep within sleep

Norbu: My dreams forge jewels brighter than Belmaris in the sky

Seraf: I wait within the green wrought of winter rains

Norbu I feel the bulge of trees gently swaying upon my bones

Seraf: On the turn of indigo moons I will blaze the green away

Norbu: In that chilling of the rock and stone I will gaze

Seraf: Upon my golden reds as leaf fall upon your ground

Norbu; Let them rest within my earth to make a bed

Seraf; A gift brethren before Seraf the god of flame

Norbu; Goes to firey slumber crowned in leaves

Seraf: Only here in the lands beneath your mountain feet

Norbu; For in the south your fires burn upon my skin

Seraf; I enflame the sands and salty dirt to life

Norbu; Where at every turn of Belmaris face, the green upon the trees

Seraf; remain while their roots feed upon you as I blaze

Norbu; Brethren we are, among the trees and forging stone

Seraf; Sundered until the summer dawns

Norbu; and you wear your crown of leaf fall

Clare L Rolfe © 2020

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