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Death sends its condolences with some flowers

A facetious tribute to Hallows Eve -

as part of the festivities surrounding death in all its glory and a bit of sugar helps alleviate some existential dread a small dedication.

Many countries enthusiastically embrace it, not the least USA and Mexico. Also the Philippines, Guatemala, Austria, Haiti, Poland and 1st 2nd November are Holy days in the RC calendar with their roots dating back to 6th and 10th C.

For us in Oz Halloween falls in our spring which is a nice limning of all things dead and unholy and helps remind of death's ultimate purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Lets remember the dead

Not for the happiness that may have been

Or trinkets they gift

Or the pleasing ways death brought vengeance to those who disagreed

Not for the souls lost or found

There are no such things so lets be free of death's tax schemes

No lets remember too much sugar brings tooth decay

Armageddon's bride like death en masse or weapons of mass destruction;

L'enfant terrible arrayed in dirty grey

While the flatus of gangrenous moans mimic fish gills clogged with plastic bones

All those cob webs and bat wings tether memories together to build a pantheon

of martyr songs and *blubbering poems

To dance and dredge the dead things up

And with our tears, fears, and cheers we damn those ghosts

to heaven and hell, the nothing in between

and back again depending on what you believe.

On Hallowed Eve lets celebrate all those flowers, who died and went to seed.

Clare L Rolfe @ 2022

* Fear and Trembling Soren Kierkegaard


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