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Book Two in LOC Series - Voloc's Reign

Available now online or if you want to contact me directly for your copy

The story continues with Ange and Nekoda along with Gildas, Sa and Kado as they remain entangled in the mysteries of Caemeris and the relentless pursuit of Voloc.

"The blackness knitted together until the faceless shape began

to form as it remembered what had sent it back to its

bondage. Voloc remembered the last thing that happened on

the world below. The red eyes flared into life peering across the

void and the cry of Voloc’s rebirth screamed the death of the

First Star and its offspring. It bellowed through the emptiness

in great tidal waves of malice destroying everything it touched.

Even the fell creatures born of Voloc’s reign felt the wrath of

their creator and were obliterated into the darkness, macerated,

and forgotten."

Nb - You'll need to read book One Ascendant's Tear if you haven't already :)

With a bit of luck o' the Irish you will enjoy it


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