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What lies beyond our sight?

UV-XRAY-GAMMA Ray all have similar properties to colour spectrum we see (optical) light ie an electron emitting a photon at a particular frequency and wavelength. It is this movement which allows us to see light / colours dependant upon if this movement falls within the capabilities of the cells of our eyes (retinas).

UV – is visible to bees, birds, infrared is visible to some snakes and we all emit infrared light energy. Have a look at sunflowers in UV and see the targets of pollens that bees see.

UV - is needed for photosynthesis of plants but too much causes sunburn. While xrays and gamma rays emit destructive levels of light energy which are filtered by our atmosphere. It is the ozone layer which plays the important role of controlling how much radiation enters our atmosphere from space especially the sun.

The image attached was taken by the Telescopes used by NASA to image deep space. The Crab nebula is shown in a multi-wavelengths composition including the visible wavelengths to us (optical) and the non visible from infrared /radio waves to ultraviolet and xrays. The xray image shows the heart of the nebula a neutron star emitting massive waves of energy. Apparently, the explosion when the star went supernova was seen by Chinese astronomers in 1054! -The link is attached to explain the image in astrophysical terms-

The image is beautiful and helps understand hidden dynamism of matter in its elemental forms. It reminded me of the gossamer of spider webs and inspired an ode to Uchala the sentinel – a being who takes the form of an arachnid on Arglethium and is awoken when the Custodians of Caemeris and Voloc breach its world.

I have thought of spiders as time-keepers, they often turn up in fantasy stories and sci-fi. A few notables are Shelob LOTR fame, Aragog in Harry Potter and the planet of spiders Metebelis III in Dr Who .

I like the fact spiders keep insects under control and have been around since before the dinosaurs.

Uchala’s Doom

Over the twilight of red sands,

A silhouette of boabs

Beyond their shadows

Far into the burgeoning night

Hidden in realm of the snake and flowers

Silence creeps across the land

Skittering over the dunes

A mouse seeks out its home

It sees in night, a shadow, a doom

No it is only moonlight

Look little mouse calls the limb of the tree

See there hidden beneath my root

Run run far below

Find the creatures which glow

Spinning their webs

veiling desert flowers in radiant shadow

Find the eyes of Uchala

Crawl deep into its memories

Down into the belly of the sentinel

It will sing to you of the cradle of time

The memory of Voloc’s might

Deep within its webs of cimmerian light

Back to its birth from the gates of Stonthrax

Through the dust of Magmeris tomb

What do you see little mouse?

Gaze upon the memories of boab trees

Tell of the time after light before shadow

Within the turmoil of stardeath starlife

Clare L Rolfe ©

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