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Dogs of myth and magic

Carnivora are the group of mammals defined by their dense fur, sharp claws and canine teeth. It is made up of dogs, cats, seals, skunks, sea lions and bears. I am more of a cat person but when I was writing LOC I thought a companion cat wasn't going to quite meet the brief. This quest is dog's work. A mongrel breed of hyena and wild dog , fiercely loyal and defender of Ange, Bensah and Norbu sprouted to life called Nekoda.

He was inspired by the many fantasy and myths which have included Dogs. Some of my favourite are Huan - Hound of Valinor in The Silmarillon by Tolkien

Illustration - Huan of Valinor Luthien and Beren Alan Lee

Myth the founders of Rome

Argus of The Odyssey and Cerberus

guardian of the Underworld

K-9 from Dr Who and Muffit Battlestar Gallactica for the sci fi genre.

Snowy Tin Tin's companion

The pragmatic guardian Gromit of Wallace and Gromit.

Of course Dug the talking dog of the movie Up who loved all his masters.

Domestic breeds of dogs have evolved from wolves over many thousands of years.

In terms of endangered species of canivora a good news story about the reintroduction of gray wolves to Yellowstone Park in the United States as an apex predator to the ecosystem after being extinct for 100 years. Their presence in the ecosystem benefits many other species including plant life.

Dingoes are the main predator in Australia to keep rodent and smaller marsupials in check and is named by the Indigenous people's Dharug language of the Sydney region. Unfortunately feral cats have become one of the main causes of extinction of native wild life in the bush now.

Wolves / Dogs are often represented as either demonic or loyal unfailing companions.

The myth of the werewolf was believed to evolve from Iron Age tribal warrior rituals to Greek and Nordic mythology which was later christianised in the Middle Ages with the dichotomy of good versus evil and an eschewing of spiritualisation of the natural for anthropomorphic deities.

Just thinking about wereskunks - similar ancestry as wolves...why not...Wererabbit in Wallace & Gromit

Voloc, a creature of the void is represented at times as a wolf in Legend of Caemeris - there was no specific reason for this choice of form for Voloc other than to represent speed, focus and fear a predator may instil in its victim whether a food source or a political act of intimidation. A predator to represent the need for limitation for any system to be sustainable.

You will learn more of Voloc in book 2 of the series. Stay tuned for early 2021 - Voloc's Reign release !

Equally Nekoda represents the bonds of the pack to cooperate in order to survive.

There are many dogs who are real life heroes, such as Guide Dogs, Balto the Huskie, St Bernard's - what others can you think of?

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