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Colours and Spiders

Dedication to colours: I thought I would blog a series with colour as a theme

Since the first time I saw the colour spectrum revealed when a beam of light passed through a prism it has always amazed me.. not only the science behind this discovery but how so many things remain hidden to us until we look deeper…this image of prism with light spectrum often ran through my mind when I was writing Legend of Caemeris colours influence what we see and perhaps formulate our perception…blue is particular favourite of mine.

Infrared - Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet – ultraviolet – this pictorial helps show the wave lengths of light..Science compartmentalises but its our perception of this knowledge and ability to provide our interpretations of it is equally fascinating.

This piece is a flashy bit of fiction dedicated to Peacock Spiders and is part of series called the Joansy Chronicles. A series I hope to put together as a collection of short stories.

I have linked an article by Joseph Schubert Entomology/Arachnology Registration Officer, Museums Victoria from website The Conversation about these amazing little creatures

…even the most hardcore arachnophobe can’t help but like them and the story....

Peacock Flair

64 eyes watched the sunset over the outback. They had trekked from the green lushness of rocks and leaf to the bone dry heat. The vision of the peacock spiders was far superior to many other creatures of these lands who remained blind to the exploding corona’s of colour filtered by the magnetic flares of the sun. The reflection in the black eyes replayed the spectacle, mesmerizing the troupe one hundred million kilometres away. Their plumage quivered in harmonious scintillating kaleidoscopes.

Envy and awe sat in the hearts of these creatures no larger than sand grains caught in a rain drop.

“We must seek out the maker of such colour and style” spoke One.

“How? We are nothing to this grandeur in the sky. Its venom is potent and colours burn greater than the dirt we walk upon” answered Two.

“It too is an owner of time and dares us to come” called Three.

“We shall weave our way to this thing chronicled in the great tomes of the awakening” spoke Four.

“Begin brethren and we shall see.” Suddenly One flung its silk into the air “Quickly now Two!” it called.

A second strand caught the first and so began the exodus to the sun.

“But how will we reach? We are not enough!” wondered Five.

“Have you not seen the designs of the great travelling web of the mighty seer” howled Six as it pushed Five into the cerise sky.

“But our gifted thread is made for leaf to branch not sand to sun” replied Seven.

“Why not, with eight we shall nibble and taste the heart of the great orb in its web. Joansy, wanderer and freer of our kind, was only one!” sang Eight as its web latched to the end of the strand from Seven.

The band spun their way toward the sun, fantails bleeding into the spectral fingers of dusk. Beneath their launching rock lay the silent tomb of the wandering seer, sensing the urgent fearless longing of the tiny weavers to become one with the dusk.

Clare L Rolfe © 2020


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