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I am a self-published writer based in New South Wales Australia. I have dabbled in short stories and poetry from a young age.

I worked in health care for many years and was inspired by writer Sara Douglass after reading her biography and Battleaxe series to pursue writing more seriously. So in between my day job and travelling, I took every chance to bring the stories in my head to life. My first published work in 2016 was a dystopian and philosophical novel called Ten Letters to Delacroix’s Tomb. It is one of a three novella series with common themes of Paris, art and philosophy.

My writing muses include the natural world, philosophy and science. Writing influences include Tolkien, Herbert, Dr Who, Asimov, Huxley, De Beauvoir, Weil, Camus, Dostoyevski, every poet (especially French ones), and the beautiful landscapes of the world I have been privileged to experience.

My poetry has been published in The Australia Times Poetry Journal and Our Poetry Archive, Somnia Blue and more recently ‘From the Ashes’ an anthology of poems dedicated to the bushfires affecting Australia this summer. I am a compulsive on-line blogger of speculative flash fiction and poetry.

I live with a very old cat called Oscar and I am frequently visited by a flock of king parrots. Besides writing, my favourite things to do include catching up for a coffee, travelling, visiting art galleries and trying to decipher philosophical texts.

Ascendant’s Tear is the first book of the Legend of Caemeris fantasy series. The story was inspired by the need for adventure, the science of light and the nature of existence. I hope you enjoy the journey of Ange, Nekoda, Gildas, Sa-Tuc and Kado as the world of Arglethium unfolds amidst an ancient battle between the custodians of light, Voloc and the elusive Caemeris. 

p.s. the names in my stories come from derivatives of Latin, Greek, Aramaic, African and some are just made up. For Delacroix search for Eugene Delacroix Liberty leading the people.

- Clare L Rolfe


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